Excellence is demanded. Professionalism is required.


Professioanl website builders at the most affordable price.

GBS policy is very simple, and straightforward: Excellency is demanded; professionalism required. That is our way of saying that your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. 
Draft Design First: You can ask us to design a draft for you or refer us to any web site on the Web. Either way, a draft will be designed FIRST, and there is no charge until the draft is accepted. Upon acceptance of the draft, half of the cost, which is nonfundable, is due. Upon completion of the site, the remaining balance is due. 
Site Maintainance: For the site maintenance, there are two ways: You can elect to have us, The Global Business Solutions (GBS), maintain your site at a minimal fee (see below) or you self-maintain. Maintaining your website is relatively simple, if you have some basic skills in computing. 
Charge for Site Maintenance: 
$15.99 per hour (with a minimum 1-hour charge). The most competitive rate on the Web. In doubt, google "the cost of maintaining websites" and compare our rate with what is out there. 
Maintaining Your Site by Yourself: 
One can buy any website editor - ranging from Microsoft Frontpage to Adobe Dreamweaver. I recommend Microsoft Frontpage (2003) because it is very cheap and looks almost exactly like Microsoft Word Program - a familiar look for most of us who use MS word to type our usual documents. At Ebay, or Amazon the cost is about $100.00.
Our Designes are Price-Destroyers 
We beat the competition. We create smashing, captivating, elegant, eye-poping websites -- affordable at any budget. Our designs start at $299.00. Compare our pricing with ANY PROFESSIONAL web designer out there, and give us a call: 832-731-7061... 
All sites are built in Cascading Styles -- fitting perfectly in all popular browsers. The beauty of CSS - the advantage of using us to design your website. 



We can be reached by phone, email or by filling the contact form to your right. Phone contact: 1-832-731-7061.


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